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                                                                     MY STORY


I have been a Flamenco dancer and performer for over 25 years. Searching stores in the United States for beautiful hair ornaments to match my many costumes was always a challenge. The hair combs and peinetas I bought in Spain were lovely, but I was never satisfied with them.  The sparkle and shine of crystal on the stage was always missing. 

One day I had an accident and hurt my toe. (Ugh...No dancing allowed for two weeks!!!)  But in reality it was my lucky day!  To quench my  creative energy while I convalesced in bed, I started attaching crystals and some odds and ends of flowers to my many plain Flamenco hair combs.  Before I knew it, I had created about 15 combs.

The day I showed it to my fellow dancers half were sold! It became clear that there was a need for crystal decorated combs!  Ole!!! FLAMENCO HEAD HAIR COMBS / PEINETAS / EARRINGS was born.

My desire is to create hair combs and matching earrings for all Sevillana dancers and Flamenco dance troupes so they too can shine on the stage.

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